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Relaxing Engagement Photo & Pre-wedding Photography

How we create

Getting dropped in the centre of your world with the agenda of capturing the real,
unplanned, natured interactions is truly what we love the most,documenting those moments you never even saw
so that you can look back on those days, months, and years later and be reminded of what that day was.

The right time

When planning for your trip, think about your preferred season or climate. Different seasons offer different sights and hues .
Summer (December to February)
Autumn (March to May)
Winter (June to August)
Spring (September to November)
So if you’re particular about temperatures – like the heat or cold, keep those in mind.


If you have time and budget, it would be great to join our one day package up to 8 hours.  We recommend this package, as it’s a good and affordable option, for a more flexible schedule. You don’t need to worry about make up artist and transportation as it is included in the packages.

Start joining in advance

Try to book 6 months in advance which will allow everyone (couple and photographer) time to prepare. It’s best to touch base again closer to the date, about 1 month to the shoot. Confirming early also allows for better planning and cheaper accommodation and flights.

Don’t stress!

If you’ve got a good, experienced team with you, we’ll take care of you as well as most of the details required. Do remember: A destination trip is an adventure you have with our team, to explore, to learn about new places and to create beautiful memories and make new friends.

The Itinerary

Usually plan the itinerary prior to the shoot by couple

It depends on some couples who are very familiar with the overseas destination as they either stayed or studied there. In that case, they usually have places they want to revisit and shoot at. Otherwise, It is usually decided by us, the photographers.

Your preferences

Discuss the look, theme and style beforehand

This will help determine a smoother route while moving from venue to venue during the shoot. It’ll also give you advice for your wedding outfits and casual wear.

Bad Weather


Unfriendly weather as well as unforeseen circumstances may happen, no matter how well you prepare yourself.
Make the best out of the situation by bringing more outfit options (in case you’re unable to shoot at your preferred venue), keep an open mind, and have fun. Always have a Plan B in the event of bad weather.

Some unforeseen challenges that come to mind

Some had situations in the past where we were denied entry to certain locations as wedding photography was not permitted. There are also situations where it is best to pre-book a particular service when possible (like most of the universities and church for example). Also check on opening and closing times of a particular attraction that you may want to shoot at. When booking hotel rooms, make sure there is space to hold your gown and have your hair and makeup done. Most of the time, hair and makeup is done at the couple’s hotel room.


You don’t have to bring everything there though

Things like flowers are easier to get overseas (they might offer more variety too). We can provide sourcing for a reliable florist with good reviews. You can get them from forums, websites or word of mouth. Check it out : Jewel Phon Flowers - Sydney. But you might be walking a lot that day, so make sure to wear comfortable footwear.

About time

The starting time of the day

Going on shoots isn’t like going on holiday (or it might be). You should be prepared for an early start with makeup and hair beginning. so you can catch the golden hour . Any later, and the light will be too dark. You do want good photos, right?

Quality & Quantity

What you can get the photos of the day

We don’t provide RAW files. All photos will be filtered out by our image standard.
All eligible and edited images are only on final delivery with high-res jpeg format.
The final products of approx. 100 image files are returned if shooting 8 hours in one day.

Choose your makeup artist Don’t skimp on makeup fees!

Don’t skimp on makeup fees! It’s better if you have our makeup artist follow you during shoots. He or she will be invaluable as touch-ups are inevitable. He or she will also provide an extra set of hands to ensure you look your best, look after your belongings, snap memorable behind-the- scenes photos, as well as take care of your other needs.

For more information please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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